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Nextek Fanworks - 800-529-6306 Alternative Energy
DC powered ceiling fans for off the grid homes and businesses. Manufacturer since 1989 of the most energy efficient DC powered ceiling fans.
WA 99114 - Colville www.nextekpower.com

Rainwater HOG - 415-891-8748 Alternative Energy
you can catch and store your rainwater for reuse in your garden and even in your house.
CA 94925 - Corte Madera www.rainwaterhog.com

Brazetek Plate Heat Exchangers - 718-874-0197 Alternative Energy
Leading distributor of brazed plate heat exchangers, water to air heat exchangers, and shell & tube heat exchangers.
NY 11229 - Brooklyn www.brazetek.com

Dovetail Solar & Wind - 216-292-2900 Alternative Energy
Provides renewable energy systems for commercial, residential and non-profits.
OH 44128 - Cleveland www.dovetailsolar.com

Butler Sun Solutions, Inc. - 858-259-8895 Alternative Energy
Solar Hot Water - Do-It-Yourself & professional installers. Complete "System Kits"
CA 92075 - Solana Beach www.butlersunsolutions.com

ECOVIE - 404-824-0318 Alternative Energy
one of the most earth-friendly, consumer-oriented water conservation companies around.
GA 30319 - Atlanta www.ecovieenvironmental.com

Grape Solar, Inc. - 541-349-9000 Alternative Energy
Grape Solar is the #1 e-commerce leader in solar. As the name trusted by more of the world's largest retailers than any other, we can provide any size or type of system to meet your needs.
OR 97402 - Eugene www.grapesolar.com

Hicks WaterStove - 336-789-4977 Alternative Energy
Waterstove, Solar Panels
NC 27030 - Mount Airy www.hickswaterstoves.com

Therma-Hexx, LLC - Alternative Energy
Invisibly collect solar energy to heat water while cooling paver surface, snow melt for free using geothermal or waste heat energy. We also provide highly efficient indoor radiant heating & cooling!
NH 03801 - Portsmouth therma-hexx.com

Infinigi.com - 310-356-7248 Alternative Energy
Solar/photovoltaic panels, wind turbines/generators, inverters, charge controllers, solar attic fans, and more.
CA 90734 - San Pedro www.infinigi.com

PowerFilm, Inc. - 888-354-7773 Alternative Energy
develops and manufactures thin, flexible solar modules
IA 50014 - Ames www.powerfilmsolar.com

Mohr Power Solar, Inc - 800-637-6527 Alternative Energy
Go with the legend
CA 92880 - Corona www.mohrpower.com

LUMA - 888-733-5862 Alternative Energy
Solar Just Got Easier All-in-One Easy Solar Kit for ANY Home Roofing System
MI - Rochester www.lumaresources.com

Vermont Solar Engineering - 802.863.1202 Alternative Energy
As a nationwide supplier of renewable energy systems, we offer solar energy system equipment, wind power components, renewable energy system design, and services.
VT 05402 - Burlington www.vtsolar.com/

Solene - 407-831-1941 Alternative Energy
hot water from your home free from the sun
FL 32701 - Altamont Springs www.solene-usa.com

National Renewable Energy Laboratory - 303-384-7538 Alternative Energy
NREL's geographic information systems (GIS) team produces maps of renewable energy resources that demonstrate which technologies, whether solar, wind, hydrogen or biomass, are the best, most workable energy solutions.
CA 80401 - Golden, www.nrel.gov

Centrosolar Ag - 000-000-0000 Alternative Energy
a new generation of complete systems
XX 22765 - Hamburg www.centrosolar.com

EarthNet Energy - 717-414-7652 Alternative Energy
residential solar hot water
PA 17201 - Chambersburg www.earthnetenergy.net

EcoDrain - 514-448-4798 Alternative Energy
high performance shower heat exchanger
Canada - QC H3C 1L4 - Montreal www.ecodrain.ca

Lumeta - 949-266-1990 Alternative Energy
Tile displaces approximately three traditional concrete or clay tiles, so the tiles designs are customized to fit exactly the dimensions of major tile manufacturers.
CA 92614 - Irvine www.lumetasolar.com

Sunlight Homes - 505.856.5888 Alternative Energy
Custom homes with updated passive solar design and SIP construction
NM 87122 - Albuquerque www.sunlighthomes.com

EcoFasten Solar - 877-859-3947 Alternative Energy
solar hardware, roof attachment components
VT 05661 - Morrisville www.ecofastensolar.com

ecoSolargy - 949-769-2703 Alternative Energy
building a better towmorrow by harnessing the power of today
CA 92614 - Irvine www.ecosolargy.com

Gimme Shelter - 715-824-7200 Alternative Energy
we love the art and craft of homebuilding. Our creative blend of energy-efficient, high-performance homes and artful design sets us apart from other builders
WI 54406 - Amherst www.gimmeshelteronline.com

Real Goods - 800-919-2400 Alternative Energy
Real Goods and Jade Mountain merged in 2001 to become the largest provider of renewable energy systems (solar, wind & hydro) in the world.
CO 80021 - Broomfield realgoods.com

Enertia Homes - 919-556-2391 Alternative Energy
innovative new homes of remarkable strength, economy, and beauty, brought to life by an elegant new architecture and the discovery of a new source of pollution-free energy
NC 27596 - Youngsville www.enertia.com

Sunsiaray Solar Mfg - 810-653-3502 Alternative Energy
The Original Solar Panel - wholesale to contractors.
MI 48423 - Davison www.sunsiaray.com

Bren-Tronics Inc - 631-499-5155 Alternative Energy
Manufacturer of batteries (Primary / Disposable and Secondary / Rechargeable, charging systems lab, bench, field, vehicle, solar)
NY 11725-3104 - Commack www.bren-tronics.com/

SunPower - 408-240-5500 Alternative Energy
Residential Solar Power
CA 95134 - San Jose us.sunpower.com

Southwest Windpower - 928-226-6269 Alternative Energy
Remote Homes and Cabins, wind turbines are used on remote homes and cabins around the world.
AZ 86001 - Flagstaff www.windenergy.com
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