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Tomahawk Live Trap - 800-272-8727 Pest Animal Control
Order your animal and pest control products online from the world's most trusted name in the industry
WI 54487 - Tomahawk www.livetrap.com

Agra Quest - 530-750-0150 Pest Animal Control
Producer of natural products for control of pests and diseases on crops and in home gardens
CA 95618 - Davis www.agraquest.com

Garlic Research Labs, Inc. - 800-424-7990 Pest Animal Control
Just one spraying of all natural, liquid garlic-based Mosquito Barrier will keep mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, gnats, fire ants out of your yard and away from your home, 24 hours a day for nearly a month.
CA 91201 - Glendale mosquitobarrier.com

Mosquitonix - 866-934-2002 Pest Animal Control
Working in partnership with one of the industry’s leading and most innovative manufacturers, MosquitoNix employs a specially engineered system that automatically distributes (by way of a fine mist) a natural insecticide (Pyrethrum) around the perimet
TX 75244 - Dallas www.mosquitonix.com

Safe Solutions, Inc - 888-443-8738 Pest Animal Control
Safe Solutions Sustainable Living & Natural Home Products - Lice R Gone non toxic shampoo, Tweetmint Enzyme Cleaner & Not Nice To Bugs.
MI 49435 - Marne www.safesolutionsinc.com

United Bat Control - 888-840-2690 Pest Animal Control
Professional Bat Exclusion Since 1982
AZ 85022 - Phoenix www.unitedbatcontrol.com

Mosquito Magnet - 401-884-3400 Pest Animal Control
Don't spend the summer covered in bug spray or trapped indoors. Enjoy your backyard protected
RI 02818 - East Greenwich www.mosquitomagnet.com

PBI/Gordon Corporation - 816-421-4070 Pest Animal Control
Spray and killer for the lawn and garden
MO 64101 - Kansas City www.pbigordon.com

Termidor - 800-837-6464 Pest Animal Control
America's #1 termite defense product
NJ 07828 - Mt. Olive www.termidorhome.com

Chase Products Co. - 800-242-7326 Pest Animal Control
Insect problems? Since 1927, we've been stopping them dead in their tracks. Whether they creep, crawl or fly, we have a spray designed to control them
IL 60155 - Broadview www.chaseproducts.com

Copper Brite, Inc - 805-565-1566 Pest Animal Control
Mold, termite, cockroach remediation for flooded homes
CA 93150 - Santa Barbara www.copperbrite.com

Chapin International - 800-444-3140 Pest Animal Control
A superior consumer line of sprayers rivaling commercial sprayers
NY 14021 - Batavia www.chapinmfg.com

Havahart - 800-800-1819 Pest Animal Control
Animal traps, animal repellents and electronic repellents.
PA 17543 - Lititz havahart.com

Do My Own Pest Control - 770-840-8831 Pest Animal Control
At Do My Own Pest Control you'll find a friendly staff of pest control professionals that are ready to answer your pest control questions.
GA 30093 - Norcross DoMyOwnPestControl.com

Gardens Alive! Inc, - 513-354-1482 Pest Animal Control
Get rid of annoying pests with our wide range of environmentally responsible products that work.
IN 47026 - Lawrenceburg gardensalive.com

Jarrods Pest Control - 855-515-7378 Pest Animal Control
At Jarrods Pest Control Products we offer the same professional grade pest control products pro exterminators use
GA 31909 - Columbus jarrodspestproducts.com

U-Spray, Inc. - 770-985-9392 Pest Animal Control
U-Spray has grown quite a bit and now services the entire country shipping a wide range of products generally used inside and around the home.
GA 30047 - Lilburn bugspray.com

Southwestern Cedar Oil - 505-688-0975 Pest Animal Control
Turning America's Yards Insect and Chemical Free one Home at a Time
NM 87174 - Rio Rancho southwesterncedaroil.com

ePestSupply.com - 214-341-4106 Pest Animal Control
We stock over 500 products for fast walk-in pickup or easy online ordering.
TX 75238 - Dallas epestsupply.com

Good Life, LLC - 541-245-4488 Pest Animal Control
Looking to repel a specific pest from your home or office?
OR   - Medford ultimatepestrepeller.com

Northern Sport Co. - 440-986-3366 Pest Animal Control
Worldwide supplier of animal control traps, snares, trapping lures and baits, and trap line equipment.
OH 44035 - Elyria northerntrapping.com

Pest Control America - 410-238-1798 Pest Animal Control
Buy the same pest control supplies used by professional exterminators.
MD 21221 - Essex pestcontrolamerica.com

EcoSMART Technologies - 877-723-3545 Pest Animal Control
EcoSMART Technologies creates the world’s safest, most effective pesticides based on natural ingredients.
GA 30076 - Roswell ecosmart.com

Gardner Products - 920-485-4303 Pest Animal Control
Adhesive Traps for Sensitive Areas, Electric Grid Traps, FlyWeb Family of Products
WI 53032 - Horicon gardnerep.com

CedarCide - 800-842-1464 Pest Animal Control
CEDAR OIL for more than 1000 years is and has been a proven method of natural pest control that emphasizes simple, inexpensive, 100% organic practices that cause no harm to people or the environment.
TX 75057 - Lewisville cedarcide.com

Wondercide - 877-896-7426 Pest Animal Control
Wondercide specializes in natural and organic solutions for pets, people, and property.
TX 78758 - Austin wondercide.com

Stinger - 800-477-0457 Pest Animal Control
Stinger zappers use transformer technology on 1 acre+ models to provide the strong, continuous zapping that is necessary for effective killing.
MA 01772 - Southborough www.stingerproducts.com

The Liquid Fence Company - 800-923-3623 Pest Animal Control
Effective, eco-safe and affordable solutions to all of your pest and garden problems.
PA 18610 - Blakeslee www.liquidfence.com
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