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WORX - 866-354-9679 Lawn / Garden Equip
Outdoor power equipment, hedge trimmers
NC 28216 - Charlotte www.worxyardtools.com

Preen - 800-233-1067 Lawn / Garden Equip
Preventing weeds is the most effective way to stop the spread of weeds
PA 17042 - Lebanon www.preen.com

Patriot Products Inc - 262-523-4580 Lawn / Garden Equip
Manufacturer of american made, portable gas and electric wood chipper-shredder-vac. Featuring Tecumseh and Honda engines. Six models to choose from.
WI 53072 - Pewaukee www.patriot-products-inc.com

Acclima & EZ-Flo - Lawn / Garden Equip
makes fertilizer and supplement dispensing systems for use with any in-ground irrigation system or with a standard water faucet
CO 80112 - Englewood www.ezflofertilizing.com

YO-HO Quality Tools - 319-465-3553 Lawn / Garden Equip
Contractors, farmers, florists, landscapers, and homeowners – we have your tools
IA 52310 - Monticello www.yeomanandcompany.com

Buffalo Turbine - 716-592-2700 Lawn / Garden Equip
Debris blowers
NY 14141 - Springville www.buffaloturbine.com

Earthway Products, Inc. - 800-294-0671 Lawn / Garden Equip
High quality Lawn and Garden products used by homeowners and professionals worldwide.
IN 46507 - Bristol www.earthway.com

Big League Lawns, LLC - 800-411-0150 Lawn / Garden Equip
Makers of universal CheckMate™ lawn striping products, focuses on manufacturing a unique and highly dependable product for today's lawn enthusiast.
MI 48820 - DeWitt www.bigleaguelawns.com

Van Wall Equipment - 800-568-2381 Lawn / Garden Equip
John Deere sales and service locations that are responsible for agricultural, consumer, commercial, and golf & turf products.
IA 50220 - Perry www.vanwall.com

Outsidepride.com, Inc. - 800-670-4192 Lawn / Garden Equip
Outsidepride.com is a lawn and garden company specializing in all types of seeds: flower seed, grass seed, herb seed, ground cover seed and more.
OR 97351 - Independence www.outsidepride.com

Tanaka Engineering U.S.A - 253-333-1200 Lawn / Garden Equip
edgers and blowers
WA 98001 - Auburn www.tanaka-usa.com

Tidewater Workshop - 800-666-8433 Lawn / Garden Equip
The story of Tidewater Workshop begins around 1905 in a small shop along the Inlet in Atlantic City, New Jersey
NJ 08205 - Galloway tidewaterworkshop.net

Greener Pastures - 651-646-2900 Lawn / Garden Equip
Organic lawn care products and organic weed controls.
MN 55128 - Oakdale www.greenerpastures.net

Brewt Power Systems - 800-255-9180 Lawn / Garden Equip
Pruning Systems are used by landscapers, arborists, tree service professionals, municipalities, golf courses, orchardists, vineyards, nurseries, and in all commercial and residential locations.
CA 95340 - Merced www.brewtpowersystems.com

Edge It - 800-685-1005 Lawn / Garden Equip
Our Edging Guides allow you to produce perfect vertical edges with your trimmer
KY 41091 - Union www.edgit.com

Ames True Temper - 717-737-1500 Lawn / Garden Equip
the world's largest manufacturer of non-powered lawn and garden tools
PA 17011 - Camp Hill www.amestruetemper.com

TruckCraft - 717-375-2900 Lawn / Garden Equip
provide high quality products to professionals in the landscaping, construction, maintenance
PA 17201 - Chambersburg www.truckcraft.com

Gandy Company - 800-443-2476 Lawn / Garden Equip
A complete line of Gandy fertilizer and chemical spreader models and accessories ready to fill your application needs.
MN 55060 - Owatonna www.gandy.net

Trench'N edge Trencher - 800-483-3437 Lawn / Garden Equip
Trench'N edge Trencher was specifically designed for the landscape installation and maintenance industry
MN 55042 - Lake Elmo www.trenchnedge.com

California Organic Fertilizers, Inc - 559-585-4705 Lawn / Garden Equip
dedicated to the development and growth of sustainable and organic farming techniques and fertilizer products
CA 93725 - Fresno www.organicag.com

Bayer Advanced - 412-777-2000 Lawn / Garden Equip
Lawn products, Garden products
PA 15205 - Pittsburgh www.bayeradvanced.com

Woodsman, Inc. - 800-953-5532 Lawn / Garden Equip
complete line of hydraulic, slow speed drum-style chippers offer innovative concepts and world-class performance.
MI 48622 - Farwell www.woodsmanchippers.com/

Rain Water Solutions Inc - 919-835-1699 Lawn / Garden Equip
Manufactures "Moby" rain barrels out of 100% recycled plastic
NC 27604 - Raleigh www.rainwatersolutions.com

Root-Lowell Manufacturing Co. - 616-897-9211 Lawn / Garden Equip
World-class pressurized sprayers for lawn & garden industry and agriculture.
MI 49331 - Lowell www.rlflomaster.com

Vandermolen Corp. - 973-992-8506 Lawn / Garden Equip
blowers, trimmers and hedge clippers
NJ 07039 - Livingston www.vandermolencorp.com

Spyker Spreaders - 800-972-6130 Lawn / Garden Equip
Commercial-grade spreaders for fertilizer, seed, sand, and ice-melt
IN 46690 - Urbana www.spyker.com

BlueBird - 800-438-7297 Lawn / Garden Equip
Aerators, Power Rakes, Seeders, Lawn Vacs, Chipper Vacs, Sod Cutter, Stump Grinder
NC 28269 - Charlotte www.bluebirdintl.com

Threeman Products L.L.C. - 972-697-1527 Lawn / Garden Equip
At last a potting bench with running water that you can afford.
TX 76208 - Denton www.threemanproducts.com

NatureMate - 214-750-4698 Lawn / Garden Equip
help achieve lush, healthy lawns, gardens, and landscapes!
TX 75231 - Dallas www.naturemate.com

JC Whitlam Mfg - 000-000-0000 Lawn / Garden Equip
Paint, Stripers, and Stencils are all available factory direct to you
OH 44282 - Wadsworth www.jcwhitlam.com
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