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- are provided free to all suitable manufacturers, Artisan's, retailers, service and other building related businesses.  All link requests are reviewed by an editorial staff.

GOLD STAR PHOTOLINKS - these listings are fixed position paid placements, installed first come first served.  They are renewable.  There is no bidding for position.  There are no 'per click' or usage fees.   Gold Star subscribers can submit custom keywords lists for HomeExpo.com Search. Subscription rates can vary depending on category selected, season, next available position.  Gold Star fees are ALL INCLUSIVE - there are no other charges of any kind.   MOST IMPORTANT: once installed Gold Star positions are RFENEWABLE.  Competitors CANNOT bid and buy into your position.

FLOATING PHOTOLINKS - these picture listings display below the Gold Star section in semi-random order.  One or more are included with Gold Star 1 yr. subscriptions.  Your Floating Photolink inventory can be moved to category pages of your choice with editor approval.
HomeExpo.com is a very different kind of website directory.
See 21 reasons to get a Gold Star Photolink.
Don't borrow your audience, own it.   ALL HomeExpo listings are fully managed, all updates are free and we do the work.   Permanent positions are only $2 per week.
FREE Silver Spot Photolink - send web address. Added same day (subject to editor's approval).
How HomeExpo.com is different & how that works for you.
Domain Direct Links - 100% Google, Bing and Yahoo compliant and they don't "break".
ALL HomeExpo.com text listings and rotating photolinks are fully supported and provided ABSOLUTELY FREE. Call in or email your changes as needed, we do all updates and always at NO COST. Each listing is unique with its own description and hidden search word file (updated as needed). If a HomeExpo visitor searches for words on your search word list YOUR LISTING WILL DISPLAY.   Most listings can be extended onto multiple category pages.    GOT QUESTIONS - ASK - a real human being will answer.
CATEGORY PAGE POSITIONING - Gold Star Permanent paid position photolinks always display in fixed position order followed by Gold Spot floating photolinks followed by FREE text listings in semi-random order.   We actually do level the online playing field for every business.   There is NO BIDDING, NO "buying-in", Permanent positions are installed first come first serve and RENEWABLE.
UNLIKE other directories we DO NOT harvest the tracking and personal cookie data of HomeExpo visitors that click on your links.   Other directories do and they sell your visitor's data to data farms, high bidding competitors and other preferred clients.   WE DO NOT sell visitor data in any form. We use 100% pure Domain Direct that build your website's audience.   We work to instantly connect consumers to your website. HomeExpo visitors love our "links where they left them" format because they can come back next week, next month or next year and find the same companies on the same HomeExpo pages with some in their exact same positions.
OTHER directories use internal loop linking to generate click presence and to promote their best clients.   When visitors click on your HomeExpo listing they go directly to your website to see all that you do.   HomeExpo links are perfect bookmarks because they are YOUR URL with no strings attached.   Consumers easily remember category names which means they can easily and always find your website and send their friends to look.
OTHER directories work hard for a 25% or lower bounce rate that will keep visitors in their "world" and clicking.   We work for a 100% bounce rate, we don't count clicks and our job is to give consumers a direct and reliable connection from our category pages to the websites they want to explore, bookmark and share with friends.   HomeExpo.com works more like the old Yellow Pages - search once find always.
OTHER directories link PINTEREST pictures back to their pages.  HomeExpo PINTEREST pictures are always linked directly to their company's website.   HomeExpo.com Domain Direct linked PINTEREST pictures are EXTREMELY effective and you don't need a PINTEREST account to gain the benefits.
HomeExpo.com Domain Direct links are designed to both accomodate consumers and to grow YOUR website's long term repeat and referred visitor audience.   PAID permanent position Gold Star photolinks help you do that much faster and without worrying your wallet with click charges.
ALL HomeExpo listings are UNLIMITED click.   Anyone or "anything" can click on your HomeExpo PAID or FREE listing forever and not cost you a penny.   WE OFFER low flat fee, renewable permanent and floating position photolinks.   TEST US - our Gold Star Positions never move which means consumers (and their friends) can always find you and on their schedule.   Competitors CAN'T "buy-in" above you - there is no bidding.  TOTAL first year fixed cost for most Gold Star positions start at $2.00 per week with no "other" fees of any kind.   Gold Star Positions are installed first come, first serve and they are renewable.  TRY US.
No "special skills" needed.   We 100% fully manage all HomeExpo.com listings FREE and PAID.   Routinely "verify" your listing's content and send updates as needed.   Every HomeExpo listing has its own search word file that you can modify as needed.   Updates processed daily and always at no cost.   HomeExpo Gold Star Photolinks never move; they are always at work without working you and the longer you have it the better it works.
MOST IMPORTANT: HomeExpo.com is the only directory with first year any time, any reason Full-Fee refunds.   TRY US - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED - get ahead of your competition now and stay there.
21 REASONS good reason to get a Gold Star Permanent Position
Rates start at $2.00 per week total fixed cost with unlimited clicks - fully refundable.
(01) FIRST YEAR ANY TIME, ANY REASON FULL FEE REFUND for qualified businesses.
(02) Gold Star Category Page positions NEVER move and are renewable.
(03) NO bidding - competitors can't "buy-in" and knock you down.
(04) Unlimited clicks - NO per click, per visit or other charges of any kind.
(05) We level the online playing field - fixed positions are first come, first served.
(06) Our Domain Direct links connect visitors DIRECTLY to your website.
(07) First year total fixed cost is $2 per week with no "other" fees.
(08) You completely control your listing's content and picture.
(09) We fully manage and maintain all listings, positions and updates.
(10) Your HomeExpo search word file is hidden so competitors can't see and copy it.
(11) We do not sell your visitors' tracking data to competitors or others.
(12) HomeExpo Domain Direct links do not expire. They do not break when emailed.
(13) Other services only let you borrow their audience by the click.
(14) HomeExpo domain direct links build your website's repeat visitor audience.
(15) Domain Direct links are 100% Google, Yahoo and Bing compatible.
(16) We also directly link all product pictures pinned on our PINTEREST boards.
(17) Gold Star listings get picture push for their HomeExpo PINTEREST page pins.
(18) Anyone or thing can click on your HomeExpo links forever at no cost to you.
(19) The longer you have a Gold Star fixed position photolink the better it performs.
(20) Permanent position photolinks are always at work without working you.
(21) Changing your domain name does NOT effect your listing's position.
HomeExpo.com Contact Information:

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Office: 757-412-1299
Hours: 9am - 5pm EST - weekdays

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